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In the first step, we identify hidden potentials with you and define possible solutions in partial steps, completely in the sense of Deming cycles:


In close cooperation, a functional and tested version of a program is created to save you time as quickly as possible. The great advantage of partial steps, is the immediate use of the program, although it is not yet available in its final form. Ongoing training allows us to incorporate user feedback directly into our development process.




After the main application, additional functions are added to the program in the second step. In doing so, we make practice-related changes and try to adapt the program to the operators and not vice versa.


Furthermore, we strive for error-proofness and increase the user field by constantly improving the user interface and user-friendliness.

The last step is based on your future needs. We stress test the program or extend interfaces to ensure quality and stability.


A final presentation with feedback discussion allows us to improve our service and presents the before and after situation of the project with all the savings.

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